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Practically it is a device that simulate an antenna, and permit to test transmission without radiating, absorbing the amount of power that the transceiver delivers. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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The DXZone. Salt water dummy load. This was a project to make a dummy load or, as the finished thing is more correctly labelled, a fifty ohm resistive load. A 50 ohm dummy load.

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Make your own dummy load with two ohm 5W resistors. Oil filled dummy load. This project will demonstrate how to build a dummy load, and measure power correctly by AI4JI.

Building a Dummy Load. If your doing any home brewing gear for ham radio its a great idea to have a dummy load. This will to your radio be the perfect antenna Top Amateur Radio links of the week Issue Please enter your comment!Your JavaScript appears to be disabled.

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The design of these dummy loads uses a high-quality ohm non-inductive resistor.

Dummy load

One gallon of transformer oil is included with this dummy load and is added to the can during set-up. Modern transformer oil is a better heat conductor and safer than other common forms of oil. Their vent cap is removable, if needed, and a handy dummy load carrying handle is included.

Dimensions are 7. Wet dummy loads of the gallon-can type have been around for over half a century, beginning with the venerable "Cantenna" dummy loads.

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How do you build a 5 watt dummyload for ham radio

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View All Media. Loading media.Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Brad, Jun 13, Connect with us. Electronics Forums. Search Forums Recent Posts. Scroll to continue with content. Jun 13, 1. The only good dummy load I made that works very well at UHF is a 2 W 50 ohm straight carbon resistor solder on the inside of a PL connector.

I can use this as a 10W short duty dummy load as long as I make a brief transmission. I thought about putting five 2 watt 10 ohm straight carbon resistors in series inside a copper tube which is soldered to the back of a PL connector.

What are your thoughts about this idea? Thanks in advance, Brad Before you type your password, credit card number, etc. Jun 13, 2. Jun 13, 3. Brad hath wroth:. Jun 13, 4. Jun 14, 5. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content.

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9 Brilliant Ideas To Make Your Own Dummy Load

After that, you can post your question and our members will help you out. Ask a Question. Similar Threads 50 ohm load. Dummy Load. Dummy load needed.

Impedance 50 ohm. Dummy load for SMPS. LED Signal Dummy load. Backlight Dummy Load??? Continue to site.A dummy load is a device used to simulate an electrical loadusually for testing purposes. In radio a dummy antenna is connected to the output of a radio transmitter and electrically simulates an antennato allow the transmitter to be adjusted and tested without radiating radio waves.

In audio systems a dummy load is connected to the output of an amplifier to electrically simulate a loudspeakerallowing the amplifier to be tested without producing sound. Load banks are connected to electrical power supplies to simulate the supply's intended electrical load for testing purposes. In radio this device is also known as a dummy antenna or a radio frequency termination.

It is a device, usually a resistorused in place of an antenna to aid in testing a radio transmitter. It is substituted for the antenna while adjusting the transmitter, so that no radio waves are radiated although, as no dummy load is an ideal dummy load, some radiation will occur. Also, if a transmitter is adjusted without a load, it will operate differently as compared with a load, and the adjustments may be incorrect. A dummy load must be chosen or designed to tolerate the amount of power that can be delivered by the transmitter.

The ideal dummy load provides a standing wave ratio SWR of at the given impedance. Veterinarian-grade mineral oilan inexpensive source for mineral oil, is frequently used by amateur radio operators as coolant in RF dummy loads. When testing audio amplifiersit is common to replace the loudspeaker with a dummy load, so that the amplifier's handling of large power levels can be tested without actually producing intense sound.

The simplest is a resistor bank to simulate the voice coil 's resistance. For loudspeaker simulation, a more complex network is more accurate, however, as actual loudspeakers are reactive and non-linear.

There are many designs for loudspeaker simulators, which emphasize different characteristics of the actual speaker, such as the voice coil 's inductance, mechanical suspension compliance, and cone mass. There are also dummy loads for power supplies, known as load banks.

These may be used, for example, for factory and in-service testing of standby generators. A load bank may be used to stabilize a power system in case of loss of load, for example, on an isolated wind or mini-hydro plant. An electronic load or e-load is a device or assembly that simulates loading on an electronic circuit. It is used as substitute for a conventional ohmic load resistor. As counterpart to a current sourcethe electronic load is a current sink. When loading a current source with a fixed resistor one can set one determined load current by the connected load resistor.

The characteristic of the electronic load is that the load current can be set and varied in a defined range. The load current is regulated electronically. The electronic load consumes electric energy and in most cases transforms it into heat. Fans or water-cooled elements are used as coolers. Under certain conditions, energy-recycling into the public power supply system is also possible. Electronic loads are used in diverse applications, particularly for the test of power suppliesbatteriessolar and fuel cellsgenerators.

AC loads are used to test transformersuninterruptible power supplies UPS or onboard power supplies. The equipment and power spectrum of such electronic loads begins with simplest circuits consisting in general of a potentiometer for current setting and a transistor circuit for power transforming. Further developed electronic loads supply several operating modes, in most cases constant current, voltage, power and resistance.

Settings and measured values such as input voltage and actual load current are indicated on a display.T he 50 Ohm dummy load is an indispensable accessory for any radio transmitter. It is typically used to dissipate RF power as heat while testing and tuning RF amplifiers, without causing interference. Many antenna tuners come with one built in, but it is limited to watts, for a few seconds, and is completely inadequate for tuning RF amplifiers.

Like most station accessories, they are way over-priced. Long ago, theaters used salt water rheostats to control the stage lighting. They were big metal tanks with a big insulator on top. Through the insulator ran a big metal rod, with a long wooden lever attached to raise and lower the rod into the salt water in the tank. Raising the rods dimmed the lights. Early ham radio operators made use of salt water in large glass pickle jars as RF dummy loads. And they work was well today as they did then!

On a slightly humorous note, old-timers used to say that dummy loads are mis-named—they should be called dummy antennas, because they are real loads! That applies to DC, not AC. That, too, is a DC problem.

Salt Water Dummy Load

Before they can get far from home, the voltage is reversed, and back they go. Some suggest using stainless wire. A foot wavelength from a 6-inch wire, immersed in water? Not much. And you can always use a metal can, or even set your plastic jar in a metal can, if RF radiation is excessive.

But if you can find a big glass jar with a plastic lid, and can adequately protect it from any possibility of breakage, feel free to do so. If you build one like I did, with exposed terminals, toucheth thou not whilst keyed down, lest thou shalt surely burn! Place it where little fingers, cats, etc, cannot come into contact.

Also, there is the possibility that just touching the outside of a plastic jar will arc through and cause a nasty RF burn. If that worries you, then by all means use something else as a dummy load.

Monitor the water temperature. Getting it too hot could melt plastic, spew scalding water out the vent, etc. I added a dial thermometer. Actually, I got it hot enough once to distort the plastic jar, which I replaced I eat lots of peanut butter. The water will temp stratify and get hottest at the top, so swirl the jar around between key-downs.International buyers read this click here. Click for testing page. If the page looks the same after clicking a link please scroll down. Bargain Elements.

Prices shown do NOT include shipping. A few photos of our Hawaiian vacation. All loads are tested at their full power up to watts at 14MHz. No other tests are done unless requested. Screws into any of the loads or attenuators with a fixed N-male input Like the one above.

uhf dummy load

Was on a spares shelf when I bought it. The light areas on the feet are dust from storage.

uhf dummy load

Some have large dings others are no longer all black. Termination Watts Good to 2. D Includes the load, line section WITH pickup cable and meter movement in a cabinet.

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I will swap connector to what you need. The switch in no way affects working of the dummy load. Meaning the heat sink should extend past the mounting block assembly by 1. The letters in my item ID are for my reference to assure you get the correct item. I often photograph several hundred element at a time. The only way to keep track of the element is with a unique item ID. Nicer items of the same type are priced higher. S tock changes quickly please verify the element is still in inventory before doing paypal.

Tired of being outbid in the last few seconds on eBay, and not being fast enough to bid again??Homebrew 1KW Wet Dummy Load Build a wet dummy load using a 1 gallon paint can, at eham forum W Dummy Load This was a project to make a dummy load or, as the finished thing is more correctly labelled, a fifty ohm resistive load.

A 25 Watt Dummy Load Dummy load described here can be used for up to 35 watts for short transmissions, and up to 25 watts for longer periods. Dummy Load Links W Dummy Load - This was a project to make a dummy load or, as the finished thing is more correctly labelled, a fifty ohm resistive load.

This will to your radio be the perfect antenna It is housed in a tin and part filled with dry sand that helps in power dissipation [ Hits: Votes: 0 Rating: 0 ] Homebrew 1KW Wet Dummy Load - Build a wet dummy load using a 1 gallon paint can, at eham forum [ Hits: Votes: 9 Rating: 6.

Build one. Ham Radio operators review new sites every day sincefor potential inclusion in the Directory, and to evaluate the best place to list them.

Dummy Load Home brew dummy loads. Operating Modes Operating Aids. CB Radio Antique Radio. Home : Technical Reference : Dummy Loads. Search only in "Dummy Load".

uhf dummy load

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